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January 15, 2011

The Mar-go-rot pee

OK..I'll blog about Mar-Go-Rot Pee in this post!! (since she's going away and leave all the 'Mini Pabos' behind.. :(

Me and her met during form 1...right after the taklimat,we went up our class using the Dynamic stairs..
"Hey!What school are you from?".She asked.
"Chee Wen"
"What's your name?"
"Min Ling"..and I walked away..
She told me later that she thought that I'm VERY un-friendly..haha

And can you imagine that we are actually BEST friends now??

She was always there for me when I was down..
And cheer me up with her mini-piny eyes and showing her SHINING teeth at me..
She was there for me when I was in trouble..
And say "Min Ling just push everything to me.."and her excuse is 'because I won't be coming back anymore!!'
She's the LEADER of our very own group..the one that always draw Stupid(beautiful) things and give it to us..and we'll say SOO UGLY WAN!!although we secretly love it!
She's the one that can make me laugh till I drop when we're in dancing class..with her silly BATMAN pose!!And she never correct it cause she said it's NICE~
She's the one that always let us sleepover at her house and do lots of silly themes and things.(and Denise is sad not because Shi-Yi is leaving..cause we won't have any place to sleepover anymore..HAHAH)

Here are some of our crazy photos!


--Dance Class

--Outings With Jacie

--New York Ladies!!


--Gaga Day 2~

We did lots of FUN,STUPID,SILLY,CRAZY things together....and now Shi-Yi will be gone..
Don't worry Mar-Go-Rot..I'll miss you and will Skype with you everyday!!!
And I know you'll miss me too!!KEEP IN TOUCH AND IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH!! (HAHA)
love you lots,Min Ling (the new leader of the MINI PABOS!) :D

November 20, 2010

Prefect Dinner 2010~~


Yup..the title says it all..well,I know I don't really update my blog often,so it's fine for you to yawn when you are reading my blog..hehe :P
Okay,this year's prefect dinner was a blast...kind of (if not because of 'someone' who ruin the whole schedule)..But I'm still very proud of the AJK board!!Cause they really did their best (especially the drama) and dance of course!!Cause I'm the choreographer!! Muahahaha~~

The theme this year was MAD HATTER!!Not really my type..I prefer LAS VEGAS!! haha..(I know I'm lame -.-)So I shopped in three shopping mall just to find a fedora
hat!! And guess what??Albert bought the same hat as well & its cheaper than mine!!!!grr..(*deep breath*)..It's's okay..cause Hui Herng borrowed me his!! all the photos below involved Hui Herng's very-pretty-'eh-hem'-fedora-hat.Thanks again Hawaiian pants!! *bow*

That's all the crap...enjoy the photos below :D

~My fav.!!~

~O Look!!I'm shorter than Dee!!

~My first-time-cam whore that doesn't make me ugly!! :D

~Take 2!!

~Loo and me!

~haha..Look at Carmen's mouth..she's trying to be like Angelina Jo***~~too bad it looks like SAUSAGE!! haha

~I can't believe they put such a nice chair in the toilet!!But at least the toilet is pretty and doesn't smell :D

~The normal one!

~The 'cao gan' face!!haha..(I made them look ugly :D)


~Thanks to all the dancers!!You guys did a great job!! Made me proud too *tears*..opps..thanks to the other two that were hanging out with 'someone' else>>Dianne and Hou Yi!!! haha

~De dressing room~

~Take 2



November 5, 2010

Dance!! Dance!!

O...K...So I've been using my 'precious' time after exam to choreograph two (freakin) songs. I've been dancing and teaching so hard that now I have blisters and 'bubbles' (that's what Dee call it) on my foot.

Anyways,it's worth it cause I LOVE the dances that I've been learning.It's actually guys style hip hop..But I still like it..hehe :D

AND..AND..AND..its from my favourite Korean Boys Group-SHINee & B2st!!!!!

Maybe you've heard of this two songs,Lucifer and Shock..The songs are very catchy and the beats are very nice,not to mention the dance as well!

Here are the two dances!!

For this dance we'll be only using the chorus part.

For this is right after the intro until the first verse.

But thank god my friend that will be dancing with me are not so bad!! Keep it up guys!! :)
That's all for now.TATA